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A Brief History of Colon Therapy

The therapy of the colon (large intestine) and its benefits have been known and practised for hundreds of years.

The Ebers papyrus from the ancient Egypt, dating from 3000 B.C., hints at the importance of cleansing of the colon via the rectum.

Amboriso Pare' (16th cent.) was the first to describe colonic irrigation in great detail and to make a distinction with a simple enema.

The popularity of colon therapy reached its peak in the 1920's, 30's and 40's. At that time colon irrigation machines were commonly seen and regularly used as standard practices, in hospitals and private clinics.

However, in the ensuing 50 to 60 years the public's use of, and access to, this valuable therapy greatly decreased. The public's present lack of knowledge regarding this, and other personal health care treatments, together with the widely held belief by orthodox medicine, that such treatments are no longer useful, may be the single most important factor in the current ill health of our population.

Cancer of the colon, unknown at the beginning of the century, is today second only to lung cancer!

Every year in the UK, 35,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer. The UK'S five year survival rate is significantly below the European average. But this will hopefully improve with better screening in the future.

Thus, proper bowel management and health will never be achieved through the sole use of medication and/or surgery. The answer lies in a time proven and natural approach.....and that is colon hydrotherapy..... together with a well balanced organic diet and exercise!