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Colonic Irrigation Q&A's

  1. What is Colonic Irrigation?
    Colonic irrigation ( hydrotherapy ) is the gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the large intestine ( colon ) to help cleanse it of old faecal matter, gas, mucous and parasites. When the colon has taken enough water, the therapist will gently massage the abdomen to encourage the water to move through the length of the colon ( approx. 5 feet ), the water will then be emptied from the colon, again through the same equipment, bringing with it the impacted waste matter, which has accumulated over weeks, months and even years.

  2. Why have colonic irrigation?
    Cancer of the colon, unknown at the beginning of the century, is today second only to lung cancer. An average person can carry between 5lbs and 25lbs of old faecal matter in their colon. A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body.

  3. What are the benefits?
    The benefits are numerous, as well as hydrating the whole body's waste system and stimulating the bowel, the aesthetic benefits include a natural skin boost, increased vitality and the reduction of conditions such as cellulite. As metabolic efficiency improves it can also help with general weight loss.

  4. Is it like an enema?
    No. An enema works on the lower part of the colon only. Colonic irrigation cleanses the entire length of the colon.

  5. Will it hurt?
    No, most people actually enjoy the colonic and are especially pleased with the unaccustomed sensation of feeling cleansed and lighter.

  6. How long will it take?
    Approximately 90% of colonics take about 60 minutes. However, please allow for an additional 20 minutes for the first treatment as the therapist will need to take a full medical history, prior to treatment.

  7. Is there any special preparation?
    No special measures are necessary prior to treatment, except that it is advisable to abstain from yeast products (i.e. bread, crackers) & carbonated drinks 24hrs prior to treatment. And to eat light meals and drink plenty of water on the day of your treatment.

  8. What can I expect afterwards?
    Following the treatment you can carry on as normal. In fact, many people come during their lunch hour for treatment, however it is nicer if you can relax afterwards.

  9. Is it embarrassing?
    No, you will be covered at all times and be in a private room. The therapist is a qualified nurse and colon hydrotherapist and The Corn House Clinic is a purpose built environment offering complete discretion.